Kymotion Designs has been very fortunate over the years to receive very positive attention from the media and very positive feedback from our clients. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

“McKay designs a line of attractive, functional activewear. Her work makes a difference in the lives of a lot of people.”
     – Toronto Star

“Kymotion Designs are created with the professional person in mind.”
     – Metro News

“Kymotion clothes are easy to get into and out of.”
     – Mona Winberg

“These products are very cleverly designed to simplify the act of dressing, yet remain stylish…the garments are of very high quality.”
     – Jim Jordan

“I was very impressed. I hope (that) many designer(s) do as you did. I like your creativity. Someday, please visit Japan.”
     – Shiho Yuki

“The materials she uses are of excellent quality, durably crafted clothes to last for years. Having pants that allow easy access via zippers is a dream fulfilled.”
     – Marty Shultz

“The shorts fit perfectly (of course…). Thanks for all of your hard work. I get treated so much better when I wear your clothes.”
     – Ing Wong-Ward

“The garments are sporty and attractive with great colour. They are comfortable and fitted…”
     – Anita Shama

“Kym has done her research well. She also invites feedback on extending the line or improving some facet of it.”
     – Marty Shultz

“Kym tests everything out really well and always asks for feedback on how she can improve the clothes and on what else she can incorporate into the line.”
     – Anita Shama

“Casuals are attractive and comfortable. Everyone I know who has tried them, comments on the ease of getting in and out (of them)…You can get out of one of Kym’s jackets very easily.”
     – Marty Shultz

“I still want clothes that are flattering and comfortable.”
     – Anita Shama

“Shama believe(s) the clothes benefit the wearer’s self esteem.”
     – Toronto Star

“I write to tell you how much I am enjoying my clothing. It looks great, feels great and is so easy to wear. Thank you for thinking of persons with a mobility impairment in your designs.”
     – Dave Shannon