Artist Bio

Artist Bio

Drawing and creativity have always been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. From finger painting to lunch hour art clubs, art was always a way to express myself. Grade school and high school years included many juried art competitions from which I took home ribbons and awards.

After studying Fashion Design and Merchandising at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (now University), I embarked upon my Fashion career, which continues today with Kymotion Designs. With the creation of Kymotion Studio, I have come back to my first love of drawing and painting and added visual presentation and decorating to the mix.

I accept commissions from both private and corporate clients, combining both my art and design experience to meet client’s requirements. I work creatively according to the subject matter, the client’s needs, desires, budget and deadline. This has led to a versatility in styles, ranging from abstract through to realism in a variety of mediums, in order to express a wide range of ideas, emotions, thoughts and experiences. Each artistic endeavor is an adventure to bring what is on the inside to the outside, to enhance the spaces in which people live, work and play.

Please enjoy the visual experience awaiting you in our gallery and I hope that I can help you to artistically enhance the spaces in which you live, work and play.